The Delegation of First Adviser to the Prime Minister of Hungary Visited Ori Mansion 2017-09-12
The Delegation of First Adviser to the Prime Minister of Hungary Visited Ori Mansion
On the afternoon of September 10th, the delegation of First Adviser to the Prime Minister, Mr. Géza Szőcs, and the Vice President of Sino-Central East Europe Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Steve Guo visited Ori Mansion.
Introduced by the Head of International Affairs Office, Mr. Géza Szőcs had an insight and fully affirmed of Ori’s development, especially in terms of the achievements of external cultural communication and business recently.
Subsequently, the delegate of the First Advisor watched the showreel who also had a cordial talk with the President of Ori Animation. During the meeting, the First Adviser not only expressed great concern about the cultural enterprises communication and cooperation between the two countries, especially in the film and media industry, but also showed the willingness to build a bridge between Ori Animation and Hungarian enterprises to accelerate the project cooperation. In August this year, Ori Animation had signed a co-production agreement with the AD Pictures in Hungary. Both parties will jointly invest in producing a 3D CGI animated feature film. The First Adviser concerned with the progress of the project, and conveyed the expectation of new cooperation between Ori Animation and other Hungarian local film organizations in the near future. 
Ori Animation & Ori Pictures at Cannes 2017 2017-06-01
Ori Animation & Ori Pictures at Cannes 2017
The 70th Cannes Film Festival was rounded off few days ago. Ori Animation & Ori Pictures as a topnotch animation company in China, attended the Cannes Film Market along with its various amazing films and series projects, which includes RETURN, POLAR ADVENTURE 2, GO! TENNIS and SECRET PLANS presented by CCTV.

During the stay in Cannes, Ori Animation & Ori Pictures had 107 meetings in total and signed 12 distribution rights license agreements, as well as another 5 MOU on co-production projects.

Moreover, Mrs. Miri Regev - Minister of Israeli Culture and Sports met with Mr. Qian Feng, President of Ori Animation & Ori Pictures, who made a commitment to forward the promotion considering the Sino-Israeli film cooperation and animation industry.
President of Ori Animation was selected as "Suzhou Culture Creative Industry Person of the Year" for the second year running 2017-04-24
President of Ori Animation was selected as "Suzhou Culture Creative Industry
Person of the Year" for the second year running
"Suzhou Culture Creative Industry Person of the Year" was announced at the 6th Suzhou Culture & Creative Design Industry Expo in the afternoon on April 23th, 2017. Feng QIAN, the President of Ori Animation, was selected as the person of the year for the second year running who was the only representative of Suzhou Animation Industry.

In 2006, Feng QIAN independently founded Ori Animation Co., Ltd and started to invest in animation film & series projects. Over the past decade, Feng QIAN has established in original and seen into the international, focused on culture communication with his keen and foresighted market insight. Under the leadership of Feng QIAN, Ori Animation has won a place in both domestic and international animation stage.

Feng QIAN keeps dedicating to the original animation creation and production since he founded Ori Animation with several nominated and award-winning animation titles presented. In recent years, Feng QIAN has courageously operated the strategy of "culture going out" who built the brands of "Ori Animation International copyright trading center" as well as "Ori Animation International Cooperation Summit", which makes Ori Animation the leading spokesperson among other domestic private animation enterprises.
Ori Animation International Cooperation Summit 2017 2017-04-21
Ori Animation International Cooperation Summit 2017
“Ori Animation International Cooperation Summit 2017” was held by Ori Animation & Ori Pictures Co., Ltd from 19th April to 22th April, 2017.
Government representatives, distributors, producers from fifteen countries were invited, including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Israel, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, etc, as well as the domestic distinguished guests which include government leadership, key players of media industry, representatives of the universities to participate in the four-day business event. The programme includes Bilateral Talks, Signing Ceremony, Round-table Conference, etc. Participants also visited Suzhou Creative & Design Cultural Industry.
As a cultural communication collaboration event themed by international animation cooperation, which is sole at home and rare overseas, this summit was greatly supported by Ministry of Culture, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Suzhou Government, which gained a great success.
Animation International Cooperation Summit 2016 2016-12-28
Animation International Cooperation Summit 2016

 From 14th December 2016 to 17th December 2016, Animation International Cooperation Summit 2016 was grandly held in Grand Metropark Hotel Suzhou by Ori Animation.
Well-known film producers from nine countries including United States, UK, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Colombia etc were invited. The summit also invited over fifty domestic distinguished guests, including renowned cultural personages, leaderships of well-known domestic movie and television organizations, investors, deans in animation universities etc to participate in four-day Business Negotiation, Cultural Inspection and Project Signing.
Ori Animation signed projects’ cooperation agreements with six cooperative enterprises, the total agreement amount exceeds $68M USD during the summit, where Chinese animation industry gained the greatest achievements in trending international market and international IP cooperation. Leadership of State Ministry of Culture, Provincial Department of Culture, Municipal Bureau of Culture jointly witnessed the signing ceremony, making the summit the most prominent event which gained the greatest achievements in IP cooperation at home and abroad.
The summit positively responded to national development strategy of “The Belt and Road”, facilitating Chinese cultural “going out” and promoting the implementation of cultural prosperity strategy, to help Chinese animation brand stand tall internationally, to help Chinese cultural brand earn international recognition and praise and to help Chinese culture travel and win glory worldwide.
Past Decade: Stay True to the Mission 2016-07-22
Past Decade: Stay True to the Mission
In the afternoon on July 6th, Ori Animation successfully held 10th anniversary staff meeting. The agenda of the meeting includes three parts: “Ten Years of Our Youth” keynote speech, Voice of President, “Ten Years of Ori Animation” activities launch ceremony. 
Reviewing the past ten years, Ori Animation has never stopped the pace of development who insisted on being itself, staying true to the mission, and marched forward courageously. In terms of titles’ production, Ori Animation has completed the transformation from the initial industry accumulation to market demanding. Regarding the titles’ genre, Ori Animation owns great diversity of styles. CGI animated feature film <Polar Adventure>, < The Adventures of Petey and Friends > and Chinese ink painting Short film <Bao Bao> are all Ori Animation’s attempts and innovation with respect to exploring market demanding and IP creation. 
To share the moment, Ori Animation is better-off in terms of international cultural trade. For the culture overseas promotion events, Ori Animation is the exclusive Chinese animation enterprise that has exhibited in Cannes International Film Festival for three consecutive years. Ori Animation also exhibited in more than 10 international first-class festivals & markets, including AFM (American Film Market), MipTV, Mipcom, EFM (Berlin International Film Festival) and so on. Meanwhile, in regard to International cultural cooperation, Ori Animation closed various deals mainly based on co-production and distribution. Ori Animation has visited over 70 countries and built cooperative relationships with more than 600 media and animation enterprises. The extended international markets lead Ori Animation reach a new high.
To look ahead, Mr. Qian Feng, President of Ori Animation, put forward the developing direction for Ori Animation in the coming decade - Ori Animation will carry out capital cooperation and brand internationalization as the main development direction. Ori Animation is going to keep exploring and marching forward courageously. Ori Animation is an outstanding enterprise that possesses its own personality and characteristic. Off the beaten track, staying true to the mission and keeping striving will become the joint beliefs of Ori Animation.
In the next and the third decades, Ori Animation will keep developing its personality to make our own contribution to Chinese animation industry, and to facilitate more cooperation between Chinese animation industry and international enterprises! 
Ori Animation Yielded Fruitful Results in Festival De Cannes 2016 2016-05-24
Ori Animation Yielded Fruitful Results in Festival De Cannes 2016

On May 22nd, Festival de Cannes dropped the curtain, and Ori Animation made its triumphant return with fruitful results.

At this year's festival and market, Ori Animation took along several completed animated features and four new titles, including GO! TENNIS, HOCKEY KING, TRAIL, RETURN, just name a few to attend. At the exhibition, Ori Animation met with representatives from different territories, including investors, producers, buyers, distributors and etc.

Ori Animation shall continue to present Chinese animation projects at all kinds of overseas first-class film & TV festivals and markets. Ori Animation dares to innovate and dares to break through, with the purpose to carry out transformation and upgrading of culture industry, to let more outstanding Chinese animation works go overseas, to promote outstanding Chinese culture to the whole world.
President of Ori Animation was selected as "Suzhou Culture Creative Industry Person of the Year" 2016-04-25
President of Ori Animation was selected as "Suzhou Culture Creative Industry Person of the Year"

"Suzhou Culture Creative Industry Person of the Year" was announced on the 5th Suzhou Culture and Creative Design Industry Expo at the morning of April 24th, 2016. This selecting activity was held by Suzhou Municipal Government, and it was the 2015 top talent award of Suzhou Culture Industry.

Feng QIAN, the President of Ori Animation, was selected as the man of the year as the only representative of Suzhou Animation Industry. As the representative firm of Suzhou culture going global, Ori Animation, in the leadership of Feng QIAN, insisted on adhering to the concept of building the bridge for Sino-foreign cultural communication and facilitating Chinese and foreign cultural cooperation. Under these principles, Ori Animation strived hard to realize culture going global, developed all kinds of international cooperation, and obtained remarkable achievements.This event adopts many processes, including Suzhou all district culture industry departments recommending, all industrial organizations recommending, judging panel check, runoff and etc., to eventually select “Suzhou Culture Creative Industry Person of the Year”.
Rewarding experience for Ori Animation at MIPTV 2016 2016-04-08
Rewarding experience for Ori Animation at MIPTV 2016

Four-day MIPTV 2016 in Cannes dropped the curtain. As one of the few Chinese exhibiting enterprises, Ori Animation presented Chinese outstanding animation works to TV presenters all over the world. This time, Ori animation focused on promoting a series of excellent TV animation works like BUBBLE FISH, BUFFET CLASSROOM, ODRI and etc. Meanwhile, Ori Animation also promoted ten works from the copyright library to TV distributors and buyers from various territories.

At this market, Ori Animation signed a 2000 minutes TV acquisition agreement with American cable TV network, which also means the TV animations produced by Ori Animation will enter North American main market.
Ori Animation Exhibited at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2016 (Filmart) 2016-03-18
Ori Animation Exhibited at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2016 (Filmart)

From March 14th to 17th, Hong Kong International Film Festival (FILMART) dropped the curtain.
At this year's exhibition, Ori Animation mainly presented the animated feature POLAR ADVENTURE, TV animation BUFFET CLASSROOM and BUBBLE FISH. In the meantime, Ori Animation also displayed the upcoming project GO! TENNIS, which is currently in pre-production. This time, Ori Animation conducted meetings with more than 72 distributors, buyers and producers from over 20 countries.

FILMART has been 20 sessions till this year. It gathered 800 exhibitors from over 30 countries and regions, and the number of exhibitors has reached the highest record. After years of development, FILMART has become the primary film & TV market in international entertainment industry. It facilitates cross-media and cross-industrial cooperation, and truly becomes an important trading market in the category of film financing, distribution, production, post-production and etc.
Ori Animation Crowned the Innovative Advanced Enterprise 2016-03-01
Ori Animation Crowned the Innovative Advanced Enterprise

On February 29th, the Transformation and Upgrading of Private Economy Meeting was convened in Suzhou. At the meeting, municipal party secretary Naixiang Zhou demanded private enterprises to adapt and lead the new normal of economic development, to make new contributions and create new achievements to the whole city. The convention also commended a batch of excellent private enterprises and private entrepreneurs. Ori Animation was on the list, and was named as the Innovative Advanced Enterprise of the 2014-2015.

In recent years, on the basis of the own industrial base Ori Mansion, Ori Animation has built an animation cultural industrial development base with functions including original animation production and distribution, international cultural communication, animation talent education and animation tourism development.

Since 2013, Ori Animation has started to carry out the "Culture Going Global" strategy, and has established connections with more than 600 film and television organizations, media institutes and animation studios from over 70 countries. We have developed a series of international cooperation covering international copyright trade, co-production, talent exchange, service outsourcing and etc.

Ori Animation has found a way of innovation on the road of animation industry internationalization, and obtained remarkable achievements. So to speak, Ori Animation is currently one of the most successful enterprises among Chinese animation enterprises with the development of "Culture Going Global". This commendation is an affirmation of all the achievements Ori Animation has made on the road of "Culture Going Global" for the past few years. There is no doubt that it will further inspire Ori Animation to create and gain great achievements again in the near future.
Ori Animation Exhibited at EFM 2016 2016-02-13
Ori Animation Exhibited at EFM 2016

February 11th, when most Chineses are still immersed in the deep atmosphere of the Spring Festival, enjoying the reunion time with all their families, representatives of Ori Animation International Copyright Trading Center have arrived at Berlin and started their week-long exhibiting at European Film Market (EFM). As an important component of Berlin International Film Festival, EFM plays as the role of a significant platform offering intra-industry communication and film transaction outside the film panorama of Berlin International Film Festival.  EFM is one of the three biggest film markets in the world, and it attracts numerous producers and buyers worldwide every year.

As the only Chinese animation enterprise exhibitor this year, Ori Animation drew attentions from quite a few international buyers and investors by its diversified, open-ended cooperation concept and outstanding works. During the seven days in Berlin, Ori Animation conducted 112 meetings, took part in 6 off-site activities, and reached more than 30 cooperation intentions, including some cooperation which signed the contract on site.

This trip to Berlin brings new development opportunities to Ori Animation, further expands the road of the company's international development.
Ori Animation Exhibited at NATPE Miami 2016 2016-01-22
Ori Animation Exhibited at NATPE Miami 2016

From January 19th to 21st, grand NATPE 2016 was held in Miami. This time, Ori Animation has taken along multiple television animation IPs to attend the festival, and has conducted over fifty on-site negotiations. Ori Animation has reached nearly ten cooperation intentions which including TV & Film Distribution, co-production and etc.

NATPE Miami is a highly professional grand gathering held every year with tremendous influence for global film and television media industry, and it is also one of the biggest collaboration occasion for TV programs worldwide. This year, more than 26000 professionals from 78 countries all over the world attended NATPE. Over 1200 exhibitors gathered together to display the world's most advanced film and television production techniques and excellent works.
Ori Animation Won the Title of Jiangsu Provincial Key Cultural and Scientific Enterprise 2016-01-10
Ori Animation Won the Title of Jiangsu Provincial Key Cultural and Scientific Enterprise

Recently, CPC Jiangsu Provincial Propaganda Department, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Provincial Department of Cultural and Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and TV have announced a second winner list of Jiangsu Provincial Key Cultural and Scientific Enterprises. Ori Animation was successfully selected as the second batch of Jiangsu Provincial Key Cultural and Scientific Enterprises.

Jiangsu Provincial Key Cultural and Scientific Enterprises are intended to carry out <Outline of National Cultural Science and Technology Innovation Project, to further advance the integration of culture and technology, and also cultivate key cultural and scientific enterprises.

Nine years since the establishment of Ori Animation, we devoted ourselves to combine the culture and the technology. Focusing on the production of films and television series, we have developed multiple software and production systems, and we also applied the new technologies to those programs to improve the quality of the features. Meanwhile, Ori Animation offers technical support and service for other relevant type of enterprises, to facilitate common development of the whole industry.

So far, Ori Animation has presented five feature films, almost ten thousand minutes television animation as well. All our works have won several major international, national, provincial, municipal and all levels’ awards for more than once.

To be selected as Jiangsu Provincial Key Cultural and Scientific Enterprise this time, it's a great reaffirmation for Ori Animation. In the future, Ori Animation shall keep moving forward on the road of Film and TV technology research and development, create more animation works with advanced technique and fine artistry, and also present them worldwide.
BUFFET CLASSROOM Won 2015 Suzhou Excellent Copyright of the Year 2016-01-03
BUFFET CLASSROOM Won 2015 Suzhou Excellent Copyright of the Year

Days ago, Suzhou Copyright Bureau and Suzhou Intellectual Property Bureau announced the Winner List of 2015 Suzhou Excellent Copyright of the Year. Produced by Ori Animation, the animated TV series BUFFET CLASSROOM was successfully selected.

BUFFET CLASSROOM is a 3D CGI HD TV animation with 52 episodes in total, the TV animation masterpiece of Ori Animation. This show has excellent plots and is originated from the perspective of children's life, describing the story after penguin Buffet was transferred to a new school. This show boldly used the sitcom manifestation in animation, to build the relaxing and lively atmosphere.

The success achievement of BUFFET CLASSROOM means everyone has affirmed the team efforts of Ori Animation. We will certainly bring audience more creative and interesting original animations in the future.
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