Gao Changli, Secretary of SARFT Inspected Ori Animation 2013-03-28
Gao Changli, Secretary of SARFT Inspected Ori Animation

On the morning of March 28th, Secretary Gao Changli, together with other officers from the Propaganda Management Office of State Administration of Press,Publication,Radio, Film and Television inspected Ori Animation and conducted inspection on creation of excellent animation projects.

Accompanied by general manager Qian Feng, Secretary Gao Changli and others visited Odri Animation Pavilion, the Promotion Platform of SIP Animation Creation Service and production center of Ori Animation. During their visit, officers had direct and further understanding towards the future development of Ori, and they had a better understanding about the procedures of animation production. They confirmed the achievements Ori had made on animation production and industrial management, and meanwhile they gave out lots of precious advice and suggestion.

In the afternoon, Secretary Gao Changli communicated and discussed with executives of animation enterprises of Suzhou. Their discussion centered around improving animation quality, producing excellent animation, exporting animation, construction of animation production bases and animation talents training.
Announcement of Suzhou Municipal Government on Naming the First Batch of Cultural Industry Demonstration Base of Suzhou 2011-08-25
Announcement of Suzhou Municipal Government on Naming the First Batch of Cultural Industry Demonstration Base of Suzhou

Announcement of Suzhou Municipal Government on Naming the First Batch of Cultural Industry Demonstration Base of Suzhou
(Suzhou Government (2011) No. 168)

Government at prefecture and city levels, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou New District Government, Members of Suzhou Cultural Industrial Development Leading Group:

Recently, Suzhou has carefully implemented and carried out national and provincial measures on facilitating the development of cultural industry. Now Suzhou is a leading one in the growth value in cultural industry in Jiangsu Province, and at the same time, many scaled cultural enterprises and projects have emerged. In order to set examples, and encourage the leading ones, according to the management measures on naming Suzhou's cultural industry demonstration base (Suzhou Government 2011 No. 89), Suzhou Municipal Government decided to name Zhangjiagang Software (Animation) Industry Park and other 28 cultural projects as the first batch of Suzhou's Cultural Industry Demonstration Base. The naming was done after application of relevant enterprises, recommendation of local governments, experts' evaluation, public announcement and the final decision of Suzhou Cultural Industrial Development Leading Group.

It is hoped that the named enterprises and projects can make more progress and achieve further development, thus to give full play to its leading position and set examples for other cultural enterprises. And it is hoped that those awarded enterprises and projects can make bigger contribution for the economic upgrading and the building of "three regions and three cities", and realize improvement in the total strength and competitiveness of Suzhou's cultural industry.

Enclosed with the names of the first batch of Cultural Industry Demonstration Base of Suzhou.
2011 August 25

Names of the first batch of Cultural Industry Demonstration Base of Suzhou

1. Demonstration Bases in SIP (24)

Zhangjiagang City (1)
Zhangjiagang Software (Animation) Industry Park
Changshu City (3)
Shajiabang Jiangnan Water Village Film & TV Industry Park
Changshu National College Scientific Park
Yu Hill & Shang Lake Jiangnan Cultural Museum
Taicang City (2)
Jiangsu ( Taicang) Loft Creative Industry Park
Taicang Scientific and Cultural Industry Park
Kunshan City (2)
Kunshan Cultural Creative Industry Park
Kunshan Software Park Animation & Digital Industry Base
Wujiang City (1)
Tongli Film & TV Base
Wuzhong District (2)
Xukou national Calligraphy & Painting Arts Demonstration Base
Jinfeng Road Innovation & Creative Street & district
Xiangchen District (1)
Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Digital Cultural Creative Industry Park
Pingjiang District (2)
Suzhou Wedding Celebration Cultural Creative Industry Park
Suzhou Rongchuang Creative Industry park
Canglang District (2)
Suzhou Canglang Cultural Creative Street & District
Jiangnan Cultural Creative Design Industry Park
Jinchang District (1)
Suzhou Shantang Historic Cultural Street & District
SIP (4)
Suzhou National Animation Industry Base
Suzhou Cultural & Arts Centre
Suzhou Ori Animation Industry Park
Suzhou Animation Talents Training Base
Suzhou New District (3)
Zhenhu Suzhou Embroidery Cultural Industry Group
Suzhou Baijiang Street Handicraft & Arts Industry Base
Suzhou Amusement Park

2. Top Enterprises Demonstration Base (4)

Zhangjiagang City (1)
Hongye Media Equipment Production Base
Kunshan City (1)
Jiangsu Caihua Package Group Cultural Industry Creative Base
Wuzhong District (1)
Suzhou Baocheng Cultural Products Export Base
Suzhou New District (1)
Suzhou Chuangjie Media & Display Creative Centre
BUBBLE FISH was Shortlisted as the Second batch of Excellent National Cartoons 2011-08-05
BUBBLE FISH was Shortlisted as the Second batch of Excellent National Cartoons

On August 1st, the SARFT announced the recommendation list of excellent domestic cartoons of 2011. 2D animated TV series BUBBLE FISH, produced by Ori Animation from Suzhou National Animation Industry Base, appeared in the list.
BUBBLE FISH was a fantastic cartoon full of children's fun. The stories are humorous and witty. By describing interesting chores happened in Qingshui Town and the lives of its local residents, the whole series tell stories about optimism and the belief that never to give up.
According to the relevant staff who is in charge of this project, BUBBLE FISH will apply the structure of series episodes. That is to say, the whole project will be formed by ten series. At present, the first series, altogether 52 episodes (every episode is 15-minute long) had already been completed. What's more, the first series will be shown on CCTV children's channel, JSTV Cartoon Channel, Kaku Channel and so on.
Ori Animation Won the Title of Leading Service Enterprise 2011-03-24
Ori Animation Won the Title of Leading Service Enterprise

In the afternoon of March 24th, the conference of leapfrog development in service industry of Suzhou was hosted by Suzhou's Municipal Party Committee and government. The conference was hosted by the vice secretary of Suzhou's Municipal Party Committee and mayor Li Yan. The secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Jiangsu Province and the secretary of Suzhou's Municipal Party Committee Hongkun Jiang, together with the main leader of Suzhou's government Fulong Cao and Minglong Ma attended the conference. The leaders reached an agreement in which in the future Suzhou will adhere to the principle of innovation so as to accelerate the new leapfrog development of service industry.

As the only national animation enterprise, Ori Animation has made important contributions in the areas of animation research, animation tourism, animation e-commerce platform and so on. Therefore, it was awarded the title of Leading Service Enterprise of Suzhou at the conference. Besides, Ori is the first local animation enterprise that receives this honor. After the conference, President of Ori Animation, Feng Qian expressed his happiness. He said that this great honor would encourage him to optimize and manage a better service company and improve its image and brand impact.

As a leading private animation company, Ori Animation always makes development and exploration of animation industrialization as its main business focus, and it pays close attention to the enrichment of animation industry chain as well. In the year of 2010, Ori began its development of industrialization. At that time the president of Ori, Feng Qian had introduced projects such as animation tourism, animation performance and animation e-commerce platform bravely which was still a vacuum for many other domestic firms. With the hard efforts of Ori's staff, Oudirui Animation Pavilion was set up at the end of May in 2010 which fulfilled a harvest in the animation tourism market. It is the first place that integrates scientific knowledge, animation works, animation images, production experience with derivative products, with which a new development focus is created.

By the end of November 2010, the digital entertainment centre was founded. The centre was set up to form China's first animation e-commerce platform whose business scope coves a range of areas such as animation copyrights sales, sales of animation derivatives, games, video-on-demand, animation resources download and so on. As the first domestic third-party platform, it will not only display, sell animation derivatives of domestic animation companies, but promote their animation works, relevant games and commodities so as to offer a breakthrough to the traditional derivatives marketing modes.

As to the animation performance group under preparation, it will adapt to the latest technologies to create a unique animation show with the application of advanced technology, fantastic animation images and unique ideas. Its debut will surely become the box-hitter and exert a great impact on domestic performance market.

The reason that Ori keeps exploring a matured animation industry chain is that it intends to offer and share matured experience to its counterparts and helps small animation enterprises shorten their preparation periods. In the perspective of Ori Animation's president, Feng Qian, the above service is Ori's key business focus. As to him, Ori is always on the way of exploring and cultivating a dynamic animation industry chain, and trying to make the new development modes thriving in small and medium-sized companies. The introduction and practice of animation research, animation tourism and animation e-commerce platform will lay a solid basis for Ori's animation counterparts. Besides it will help sustainable development of animation industry and realize Ori's mission of devoting itself to the animation industry and rewarding the society to its largest extent.
Ori Animation Won the Title of " Excellent Private Service Company" 2011-01-12
Ori Animation Won the Title of " Excellent Private Service Company"

On January 11th, the work conference of Suzhou's private economy was held in the Conference Centre. Secretary general of Jiangsu Province and secretary of municipal Party Committee Hongkun Jiang and other main leaders attended the conference. At the conference leaders from municipal committee and city government had firmly approved the development of Suzhou's private economy. Jiang called on private entrepreneurs to start new business and carry on great missions. At the same time, they shall never satisfy and catch opportunities to help Suzhou speed up its pace to re-structure and upgrade.

At the conference some outstanding private companies and entrepreneurs were awarded. Ori Animation received an honored title of "excellent private service company of Suzhou in the year of 2010". The honor showed the government's approval towards the achievements and development that Ori made in 2010. As to those in the conference, Ori Animation was the only animation company that received such an honor. Ori's quick growth had represented the development level and status of Suzhou's private animation companies.

As a pioneer among Suzhou's private animation service companies, Ori Animation has presented several cartoons since its foundation about four years ago. Those cartoons had been shown on famous cartoon channels such as CCTV , Toonmax channel and so on, which had not only played a guiding role in teenagers' patriotism education but helped teenagers develop correct philosophy and attitude towards life, value and world. Meanwhile Ori Animation opened Odri Animation Pavilion in May 2010, which soon became a benchmark in Suzhou's tourism industry. Besides it is now an important base for scientific popularization education. As a main base of the development of cultural industry in Suzhou, Ori Animation has leapfrogged to be a wind vane of Suzhou's animation industry, and this honor of "excellent private service company" will encourage Ori to expand, innovate and develop at a quicker speed.
Investigatory Group from SIP Education System Inspected Ori Animation 2011-01-10
Investigatory Group from SIP Education System Inspected Ori Animation

In the afternoon of January 5th, temperature suddenly got down. However several officials from the SIP education system visited and inspected Ori Mansion in spite of chilling wind. The inspection group was lead by the head of SIP Education Bureau-Mr. Gao, and its members were formed by headmasters of elementary schools and the relevant officials who were in charge of moral education. Vice president of Ori- Yun Zhao, together with senior official of career department- Wen Gu and head of Odri Animation Pavilion- Rong Liu attended the reception and accompanied the guests.

The investigatory group first came to Odri Animation Pavilion. In the pavilion Rong Liu introduced the pavilion in a detailed way. At the same time vice president Yun Zhao described the prospective future of the pavilion to the guests and the development plan for this duplicable industry mode. Afterwards guests experienced many activities in the pavilion with deep interest and they asked questions about its operation as well.

Later the investigatory group came to the production centre of Ori Animation to know about animation production and Ori's achievement in animation production. Vice president Yun Zhao introduced Ori's main TV cartoons and films, every department and their current work focus as well. And also she guided the guests to every workplace of the production centre so as to promote better understandings towards animation production modes and ways. With the help of her guidance the investigatory group had a direct and deep understanding of animation industry and Ori.

At the very beginning of the new year, the investigatory group had come to Ori, which showed the officials' approval towards the achievements that Ori had made during the past year. At the same time when the group expressed sincere anticipation on Ori, it gave Ori some advice. Official Gao noted that he hoped Ori could catch the historical opportunity of current great cultural development and prosperity. Meanwhile Ori should adhere to the spirit of aggression and diligence so as to make greater and bigger achievements and pave a duplicable way for the development of animation industrialization, thus Ori could make new contribution for the development of Suzhou's animation cultural industry.
Ori Became the Only National Authorized Animation Company of Suzhou 2010-12-23
Ori Became the Only National Authorized Animation Company of Suzhou

Recently, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation unveiled the names of national authorized animation companies of 2010. According to the list, Suzhou Ori Animation won the title of national authorized animation company, and it was Suzhou's only animation company that received such an honor. As to the relevant ministries, the title was given after comprehensive investigation on the aspects of animation industry progress, company management and financial conditions. All the research was conducted by the ministry of culture, finance and taxation of all levels, and the result was released after the coordination of different opinions.

From a group of about ten people to a company hiring nearly 300 people, in four years Ori Animation has became a pioneer of the domestic animation industry. By now Ori Animation has produced cartoon series and films such as the Coins, Euri Yak and Dori Antelope, Fly Pili and so on, which have received warm feedback from audience of all levels. Meanwhile Ori Animation has been exploring the new mode in the progress of animation industry and trying to break the production and derivatives mode of profit, which was the traditionally single way to achieve profit. In May 2010, the first domestic animation experience centre, Odri Animation Pavilion was set up, and it called much attention from the society. While in the coming 2011, Ori Animation will present a 3-D cartoon film-Bunny Crisis, which was a true 3-D film completed by Ori's own research. At the same time, Ori Animation was preparing the first domestic professional animation e-commerce platform which will further promote the progress in animation industrialization and brand-building.
Ori Signed Financing Contracts with ICBC Suzhou Branch 2010-12-22
Ori Signed Financing Contracts with ICBC Suzhou Branch

On the afternoon of December 22nd, the Municipal Committee of Suzhou and the government of Suzhou held the promotion conference on supporting the development of Suzhou's cultural industry. Leaders of Suzhou's cultural industry group, relevant financing and insurance companies and heads of Suzhou's important cultural industry companies and projects all attended the conference. Guoqing Xu, who is secretary of Suzhou's Municipal Committee, ministry in charge of publicity, vice head of Suzhou's cultural industry development group, together with Hongsheng Wang, vice mayor of Suzhou and vice head of Suzhou's cultural industry development group, Gongwu Cai, vice secretary of Suzhou's Municipal Committee, and Qindi Zhou, vice secretary of government, head of Suzhou's financing office attended the conference, too. Hongsheng Wang hosted the conference.

On the conference, general manager of Ori, Feng Qian signed a credit contract with Zhengfang Xu, deputy president of ICBC Suzhou Branch. According to the contract, ICBC will provide Ori a credit of RMB 30 million. And with the help of the credit, Ori Animation make greater breakthrough in animation brands and the whole industry.

After the conference, vice president of Ori Animation-Yun Zhao said that the credit contract between Ori Animation and ICBC Suzhou branch showed the governments' and financial institutes' approval towards Ori's growth potential and profit mode. And their support is the foundation of Ori's future development. The achievement today is obtained by Ori's staff's hard work. On its development way in the future Ori will stably carry out its missions and seize its progress direction so as to make bigger and stronger animation industry.

According to the host of the conference, with the help of innovative financial products and service, efforts are made to explore the financing mode based on credit construction with the attempt to give full play to the function of finance in promoting great development of cultural industry.

Afterwards the relevant leaders visited Ori's Grand Theatre and its production departments. They expressed that only by adhering to the Chinese characteristic way of self-innovation can Chinese animation achieve leapfrog development.
Guests from the Secretary Research Class of Municipal Party Committee Experienced 3-D animation Production 2010-12-02
Guests from the Secretary Research Class of Municipal Party Committee Experienced 3-D animation Production

On the afternoon of December 2nd, special guests came to visit Ori Mansion –a group of thirty people from the secretary research class of Municipal Party Committee. Vice president of Ori- Yun Zhao, together with Production manager –Qianzi Qian and other main leaders attended the reception. During the reception, leaders from Ori introduced its management and future development. This time the visiting group was led by Guoming Hao, director in charge of information of the secretary research class of Municipal Party Committee. The whole group researched and visited Ori Animation.

Ori Animation has made careful preparation for this reception. Yun Zhao first guided the guests to Odri Animation Pavilion and introduced it in a detailed way. As the first animation experiencing centre in China, Odri Animation Pavilion has long received warm welcome by schools and it has turned to be one of the favored extracurricular activity places and science education centers to schools in Suzhou. According to Zhao, she expressed that as a duplicable new industry mode, Odri Animation Pavilion has devoted to develop animation plazas and in the future, the plazas will be expanded and opened in cities besides Suzhou where the youth can feel the real charm of animation.

Many programs in Odri Animation Pavilion called the guests' interest, especially those in Laltla-where one can produce 3-D animation, form setup, animation to light with the help of professional tools and software. Seeing one can make his own animation, the guests began production immediately with deep interest.

Afterwards the guests came to visit the Grand Theatre and Ori's production departments. After their visit, they expressed that only by carrying on a way of self-innovation can Chinese animation industry achieve leapfrog development.
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