​  Title: Go! Tennis
  Theme: Sports, Motivation
  Length: 90 min
  Type: 3D Animated Feature

Nade is the most famous tennis star in the Green City. But in the champion meeting, he was unexpectedly defeated by the new star Marney. Nade lost everything including his reputation, status and fans.
Nade is so depressed that he decides to end his tennis career. He comes to the Red Town by accident. He meets Jing, Spanner, Darley who help him to be confident again and gradually, he finds out the true meaning of tennis.
Moy and Alice find out the reason for Nade’s failure in the champion meeting but they are therefore detained. Nade decides to go back to the tennis field and prove himself as the real king of tennis and protect the dignity and purity of tennis sports.
On the same field, with the same opponent, is it possible for Nade to prove himself?

​   Title: Return
   Theme: Hero, Motivation, Adventure
   Length: 90 min
   Type: Hand-drawn Animated Feature

Hardy, a lively oryx, is the son of Mertiney who is the head of the Grand Oasis. After Mertiney is died, the Grand Oasis is attacked by the wolves. With the help from his clansmen, Hardy escapes to the Northern Oasis to ask for help. During his journey, he meets the Camel Ruta.
Sarir, the head of the Northern Oasis warmly welcomes Hardy and elects Hardy as the bellwether of the whole desert. The young Hardy loses himself in the agreeable life and he does not realize Sarir’s conspiracy at all.
Hardy is expelled out from the Northern Oasis. He meets his good friend Ruta again and gets to know Harly who is wise and good at martial arts. Hardy gradually understands the principle of more capacity means to more responsibility.
At the same time, Hardy gets the news that the whole oryx family is slaved by the wolves. To revive the honor of the oryx family and protect the peace of the desert, Hardy decides to return to his home.

​   Title:Polar Adventure
   Friendship 、Environmental protection
   Length:90 min
   Type:3-D Cartoon Film

Buffet loses contact with his grandpa, who sets off for home with the help of Euri and Luke. However, he comes across a sudden attack soon after his arrival in South Pole. They finally escape from the attack and comes to the new village of the penguins, while who are expelled by the villagers. It is Buffet's grandpa betrays the penguin family whose home has been occupied by human. Determine to find out the truth, they go to human's base for investigation. Unfortunately, only Euri escapes from the human's capture while others have all been arrested. At this moment, there are too many challenges facing to Euri. How to save his friends? What's the relationship between Buffet's grandpa and human on earth? What's human's real conspiracy? Trailer
   Title:The Adventures of Petey and Friends
   Theme:Struggle、Never Give up
   Length:75 min
   Type:3-D Cartoon Film

In the depth of a desert, there was a Fangzhou Air Force Base which had nearly been forgotten by the public.
Suddenly the Base's peace was broken by sound of sirens. Fangzhou Base was ordered to carry out an urgent mission. At the same time a new-type fighter plane— Pili arrived at it by forced landing. The whole Base got into a mess.
In order to rescue Dake, Pili's companion who got lost in the desert, the best fighter plane of Fangzhou Base—Leiming was ordered to perform the task. However Pili insisted on fulfilling it by himself. As a result, a competition was held between Pili and Leiming. Although Pili was better-equipped, Leiming Overweighed him in experience. After several rounds of competition, Pili failed totally.
As a result, Pili started hard training. In order to prove his innocence and compensate his faults, Pili began his journey of searching for Dake secretly. However, a huge storm was coming near; Pili lost his radar and got lost in the desert. Soon he lost touch with the Base. His friend Xiaoyu was worried about him, so she began to search him by herself. They began falling in love…
As to the fact that Pili and Xiaoyu hadn't returned for a long time, Leiming volunteered to take them back and fulfill the task. Finally Pili, Xiaoyu and Leiming met in the depth of the desert. However, the Base lost their signals. In order to save them, all the planes in the Base formed a team and started their rescue mission. 
    Title:Bunny Crisis
   Length:85 min
   Type:3-D Cartoon Film

It was said that there was a magic energy gem that could fulfill every dream. Many people, no matter those of justice or with malicious intention, they all wanted to get it. However, no one found its exact location. The film is about such a magic energy gem.
One day, Yak Euri got a present. When he opened it, a cute pink bunny ran out of it. Suddenly, it grabbed a DV, so everyone run after it to get the DV back. The bunny guided Euri and his friends to a cave where they found Euri's birthday present from his dad—a trip to a mysteries town.
They took on the carrot train and suddenly arrived at a town. Their magic trip started.
   Title:The Coins
   Length:97 min
   Type:3-D Cartoon Film

In order to escape from danger, a little ant rushed into a study by accident and broke the peace there.
The little ant woke up the sound-sleeping ancient coins. Daqi— an ancient sword-shaped coin and his wife Kangkang, a Tsing-dynasty coin together with the scholar—a Tang-dynasty coin and other coins all ran out of the box. In the mess, a silver coin fell to the ground. His friends looked for him with hard efforts, but only to find him stay with two strangers—an IP card and a credit card. By mistake, Daqi thought the strangers were bullying his friend. He rushed and tried to give the strangers a lesson.
Meanwhile, the little ant found a coin lie under the table. In order to pull it out, the ancient coins tried very hard. They nearly exerted all their strength but only to find that they had rescued a game coin. They became depressed and began complaining and laughing at the game coin. At the same time the credit card satirized the coins. He laughed at them and said they were fools. At this time, everyone tensed up and fight between the ancient and present might be triggered at any time. At this extremely delicate situation, the IP card told out a secret, which left others into silence and rebuilt their friendship. However, good times don't last long. They might be separated by an accident.


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